Multi-Employer Benefit Plan Council of Canada



An Essential Step

Membership in the Multi-Employer Benefit Plan Council of Canada lets you access the many benefits of our national association.

How to Join or Renew Now

Please complete the online membership registration form. Mail your form with cheque to MEBCO 34 Queens Drive, York ON M9N 2H4 or email your payment information and we will process the membership and send you the receipt. Thank you.  


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MEBCO membership ensures your voice will be heard as we advocate on your behalf provincially and nationally. MEBCO membership also provides trustees, administrators and professionals with networking opportunities at MEBCO and partner networking events and educational forums:

  • MEBCO Annual General Meeting 
  • News and relevant information keeping you at the leading edge of Canadian pension and benefits
  • Annual World Pension Alliance & Transatlantic Conference 
  • White papers, latest submissions to government agencies, resources, tools and information at 
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MEBCO Value Proposition

  • The Threat to Multi-Employer Plans is real.
  • Legislative Changes can be Significant.
  • Multi-Employer Plans are Worth Protecting.
  • Multi-Employer Plans Need a United Lobby.
  • MEBCO is committed to Protecting Multi-Employer Plan Interests.

MEBCO’s work is conducted almost exclusively by volunteer members of its board of directors. However, MEBCO incurs costs to efficiently lobby legislators and to communicate with its members.

Your membership is vital to allow MEBCO to continue to effectively carry out its mission of being the expert voice for multi-employer plans.

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MEBCO is a founding member of WPA